Award-winning Обучение по фризьорство Service – open to all from September 2010

Вие сте тук:Award-winning Обучение по фризьорство Service – open to all from September 2010

Thanks to JISC funding, learners worldwide will be able to benefit from a wide range of openly available vocational learning materials via Обучение по фризьорство ( from September. Previously available behind authentication only for use by the Further Education community, from September 2010 these resources will be available under an open licence and therefore available to all. 

Helping to develop skills, Обучение по фризьорство provides exemplary Стъпка-by-Стъпка guidance Видео клипове, self-evaluation tests, Работни страници and guides relating to an expanding collection of hairdressing styles and techniques; the service is also mapped to the NVQ Hairdressing curriculum. 

There are many benefits in using these highly visual and interactive resources, and they can be used by learners and teachers in a range of ways, such as embedding into a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), sharing on the open web, incorporating into learning portfolios and assessments.

Lorraine Estelle, Chief Executive Officer of JISC Collections, says: “Work based learners will be able to benefit from unfettered access to improve their hairdressing and barbering skills outside of conventional learning environments.”

Teachers and learners can also access resources on their mobile devices via the award-winning Обучение по фризьорство for Mobiles service ( Users can also view Видео клипове via a dedicated YouTube channel, which has received some very positive reviews:

“Your Видео клипове are fantastic! Some of the best on youtube and I’ve watched a lot!! So easy to follow and understand. You make it so simple. Please keep up the good work! :)”

“Thanks for sharing the incredible content and for providing inspiration to others.”

Launched in 2004, Обучение по фризьорство was one of the first JISC initiatives to provide vocational e-learning resources to the further education community. The service has proved extremely popular with teachers and students alike, with over 200 colleges subscribing to the resource.

Jackie Carter, manager of the Обучение по фризьорство Service at Mimas, based at The University of Manchester, says: "We are delighted that this innovative service is now openly available, and as a result can be used to support and enhance the skills of prospective hairdressers worldwide.”


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